Wild About Lapland are a tour company based in Northern Finland who offer bespoke tours to would-be explorers of Lapland. We were asked to create a series of films that were designed to be used on social media and drive traffic to the website to increase bookings.


We sent a small crew of two to the Arctic Circle who worked in -26º for four days. The team created two films, one of which was a fast-paced travel film that was focused on ‘shareability”. The film did not consciously include and specific information on Wild About Lapland, this was to ensure it would be shared by local tourist offices.

To date the film has received over 150,000 views across multiple channels. It was shared up by almost all of the local tourist offices and dramatically increased traffic to the website. The second film we created was a promotional film - this video was a slightly longer in length and included more information about the tours offered and a call to action at the end to help drive bookings.